Transgender Ban in Military

With all due respect to any existing transgender military officers, why would you want to defend the citizens of a country that hates your existence? I respect familial tradition, etc., but is it really worth it if your Commander in Chief doesn’t even want you “soiling” his military? Fuck ’em all. It’s disgraceful that he or anyone else would have an issue with a transgender woman or man defending their freedoms. They certainly aren’t out there on the battle lines. Historically, a king would be out there on the battlefield with his soldiers fighting side-by-side. It’s a shame that no longer happens. Maybe those motherfuckers would feel differently about war.

President Trump said he will ban transgender people from serving in the military in any capacity, a reversal of the Obama administration decision that would have allowed them to serve, he announced on social media on Wednesday.

Citing the need to focus on victory, Trump said that the military cannot accept the burden of higher medical costs and “disruption” that transgender troops would require.

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