Eddie Izzard on Being Transgender

I had the great honor of seeing Eddie on stage here not that long ago and for him to stand that long in high heels was just something amazing to see. Of course I know I’d never be able to do that. He’s an acquired taste in comedy because admittedly a lot of his humor comes from history and as a Brit (or as he refers to himself a British European) he’s got a ton of history to pull from. I’ve always known him to be a transvestite – look up an of his stuff on YouTube and you’ll understand – but I never knew he’s transgender. Of course that makes no difference to me. I love him all the same and I really wish I could move right over there and vote for him in whatever election he stands for.

Transgender British comedian Eddie Izzard says he intends to stand for Parliament at the next election.

Izzard has long been a supporter of the Labour Party and has frequently teased the idea of standing for office.

“I’m not going to muck about at it. I’ve done a number of very serious things in my life.

“Coming out as transgender 30 years ago was not easy,” Izzard told Metro.

“I had to keep my career going. It was tricksy.

“Gay or lesbian doesn’t really impact, there’s no particular badge you have to wear.

“Transgender, they notice you wearing make-up. But I’ve tried to invent a way of getting through it.

“We’ll see if people vote for me. If I get in, I’ll see what I can do.”

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