‘Christian’ Love Hard at Work

More and more I see so-called Christians expressing more hate than love. They play fast and loose with the words of the bible, picking and choosing what they feel their god has commanded of them. Amazing, really. Still, it amuses me to see people reacting completely opposite of what these haters expect. They cannot control people, much as they like to think they can. (I wish WordPress had emojis)

Facebook pages can be controlled and run in any manner that the creators see fit, but that isn’t going to stop other people from posting on them as they choose. The Christian Facebook page “Warriors For Christ” took it upon themselves to let all their followers know that if they posted a rainbow pride emoji, they would be banned. It may be needless to say, but the Internet took hold of things from this point, and the page is now colored in rainbows.

According to Patheos, the Christian Facebook page decided to post a status earlier this week that simply stated, “A rainbow emoji will get you instantly banned from our page.”

It was posted in all capital letters to get the emphasis and point across, but it really ended up having the complete opposite effect they likely desired.

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