TX Bill Requires Women to Have Fetal Funerals

This is absolutely sick and I will not be travelling to Texas ever again for the foreseeable future. IF I move West again, I will naturally have to drive through Texas, but I will not spend a penny more than I absolutely have to in order to get through it. The government HAS NO RIGHT TO CONTROL A WOMAN’S BODY!!!!!!!

Texas legislators have introduced a bill colloquially known as the “fetal funerals” law, and as if that name isn’t disturbing enough, what the new decree stipulates is even more horrifying.

Senate Bill 8, as it’s officially titled, mandates a few things: first, that all fetal remains must be buried or cremated—this means that whether you have an abortion or miscarry, you’ll have to have a funeral of sorts for your lost fetus. I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again: The Handmaid’s Tale is real life.

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