Pulse’s Unclaimed Victim

It’s been nearly a year and this heartbreaking story lingers. 😦 Any one of us could’ve been in that situation. Always be thankful for your familial and friendly support if you are fortunate enough to have it.

The news had to hit hard. For those families who waited all day after news of the Pulse shooting first broke, the confirmation process moved at a painfully slow pace. Many parents had to wait more than 24 hours to find out for certain why their child would not pick up the phone and verify they were OK. The loved ones of the 49 killed that night learned heartbreaking news that suddenly shifted their emotion from worry to sorrow and redirected their energy toward funeral plans.

But one father greeted news a different way, not by weeping for his son but in anger toward a child he refused to accept. Why? Because the child was gay. The father wouldn’t even take the body from the morgue.

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