Someone chained a cross to Gay Street

I hate to point out the obvious, but I’m going to anyway: bolt cutters will get you around any lock. Superglue or no superglue. I have no problem with what the residents chose to do with the cross, but if the person who left it there is determined to take it back and cleanse it, bolt cutters will do the trick.

The community of Gay Street, New York came together to deal with a giant cross that materialised in the area.

Gay Street, Manhattan, is located in the heart of NYC’s LGBT district, just down the road from Christopher Street and the iconic landmark Stonewall Inn.

There was a disturbance on the force in the area last week, when a giant wooden cross materialised in the middle of Gay Street, padlocked to a street light so it could not be moved.

Though the motives of the cross-maker are unknown, many have taken it to be a protest against the street’s name and ethos.

But the residents of Gay Street don’t take much lying down.

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