Gold Star Lesbian

It’s been a while since I heard that term, despite being one. Last night I saw this article and I think people are a little OTT about it. I have come to realize that those who bitch most about not liking labels are the same people who are all about these new labels for sexual identity. And you know what? Just like every one of those people Tweeting about hating the phrase “gold star lesbian,” I hate all of these silly new phrases for gender identity. So I guess we’re even.

Gold Star. It’s the phrase that just won’t die. From queer media, to the queer women in our everyday lives, we hear it over, and over, and over again, despite the problematic nature of the term. Not only is it biphobic AND misogynistic as hell, but it makes it seem like there’s something better about having never-had-penis-in-vagina sex. Oh, and it’s cissexist, because it for sure does the penis = man thing.

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