Time is running out for this US gender-free bathroom bill

This absolutely makes sense to me. I hope it gets passed. If any of you who follow this blog are in Vermont or know someone who is, please encourage them to contact their politicians for a Yes vote for this bill.

An American state pushing to take gendered signs off single-occupancy toilets could run out of time to pass the bill this year.

Campaigners in Vermont proposed that all self-contained toilets should be open to people of any gender, but the lead sponsor of the bill is unsure if it will make this year’s guillotine.

Progressive Representative Selene Colburn said she hadn’t faced any opposition to the bill, but with just three weeks left of lawmaking season, she is unsure if it will pass.

The proposed law is still yet to be considered by the state’s full House or Senate, however, is expected to pass a vote on the House Committee on General Housing and Military Affairs.

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