15 Signs That Prove You’re In A Healthy Girl-Girl Relationship

I think the sign of a healthy relationship (gay OR straight) is not necessarily that you have a perfect relationship, but that you both want to work through it. Or you don’t bail at the first sign of trouble. I remember growing up that my parents would fight. Maybe once a week? But they managed to work it out because they recognize that despite everything they still love each other. And they’re still married today.


Being in a girl-girl relationship sometimes isn’t the easiest thing. Everyone seems to know that lesbian relationships can be pretty volatile, and you know this well if you’re a lesbian in a relationship.

But like with most things in the world, you can usually gauge something based on what your gut is telling you. If you’re having a bad feeling about something, you should figure out why. But if you have a good feeling about your relationship and these are some of the signs you’re seeing, then you’re in the right place with your partner.

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