NC House bill to make gay marriage illegal again

NC should just hang a sign on the front door that says WE HATE GAYS! I have family there, unfortunately, and they are very much in line with all anti-LGBT sentiment. It truly makes me sick that so-called Christians are supposed to be CHRIST LIKE and they are anything but. Saying that what the United States Supreme Court decided about gay marriage is null and void is like a child telling a parent that he/she is not punished for whatever the child did wrong.

A bill filed Tuesday by four N.C. House Republicans would direct state government to defy a U.S. Supreme Court ruling and restore the state constitution’s ban on same-sex marriage.

House Bill 780 is titled “Uphold Historical Marriage Act,” and is sponsored by some of the House’s most conservative legislators. They frequently file bills that don’t get a hearing because House GOP leaders don’t support the proposals.

The bill says that the 2015 U.S. Supreme Court ruling that legalized same-sex marriage across the country “is null and void in the State of North Carolina.” The sponsors argue in the bill language that it’s “clear that laws concerning marriage are for each state to establish and maintain severally and independently.”

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