Rick Perry College’s Student Election a Mockery

By the title you wouldn’t think that this story belongs on this blog, but it does, because it involves Texas A&M University having it’s first openly gay president of the Student Government Association. Clearly, Mr Perry has little to do as Secretary of Energy and must expend his own personal energy complaining about events and situations that are absolutely none of his business.

Rick Perry, the former Texas governor and current United States energy secretary, says the recent presidential election was stolen.

It isn’t the legitimacy of his boss, President Trump, that Mr. Perry is calling into question. No, he has reservations about last month’s election for student body president at his alma mater, Texas A&M University.

In a piece published by The Houston Chronicle on Wednesday, Mr. Perry took the remarkable step of weighing in on the most local of politics. In it, he argues in great detail that the election of the school’s first openly gay student body president was mishandled and that the true winner was denied victory, an outcome that never would have been allowed were he not a straight, white male.

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