Elderly Lesbian Couple Was Left Nasty Note

Two things I find true across the board about hateful Republicans:

First….They are absolutely cowardly when it comes to confronting their victims. They rile against liberals who want to be politically correct, which to my mind simply means having the courtesy to not be an asshole to everyone you come into contact with. If I can’t be “politically correct,” then I DEMAND that you own up to your hate and put your fucking name to hateful messages.

Second…. They always have a passive-aggressive tone to their letter. “Don’t take this the wrong way…” How the fuck should it be taken? If it’s not personal, don’t write a fucking letter.

A lesbian couple in their seventies was attending a Hillsborough County Women’s Democratic Club meeting at their local library in Florida recently when they came out to discover a disgusting, homophobic note on their car.

Full hateful story