BSA to Accept Trans Boys

This is huge news for any of you who have read news in the past on here about Boy Scouts of America’s past stance on the rights of lgbt youth. The Scouts may have initially gained their largest support from churches across the country, but it has never been a religious organization. They are not required to meet in a church building, but generally do so for convenience. I was a Brownie as a child and we met in the cafeteria my elementary school. When I was promoted to a Girl Scout, yes, we met in a local church, but no one had to belong to the church in order to attend. There are other places troops can meet and if Christian members don’t like the inclusion, there are other organizations for them to join or start on their own, full of all of the exclusion they like.

The Boy Scouts of America said on Monday the group would begin accepting transgender boys, bucking its more than a century-old practice of using the gender stated on a birth certificate to determine eligibility.

“Starting today, we will accept and register youth in the Cub and Boy Scout programs based on the gender identity indicated on the application,” Boy Scouts of America communications director Effie Delimarkos said in an emailed statement.

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