‘Supergirl’ shuts down homophobic complaint

Although I got away from watching Supergirl, I know the characters well enough and am pleasantly surprised to learn of Alex’s sexuality. And it’s true, if Hollywood is going to offer us lgbt characters, they need to make sure they cover all facets of lgbt life – including those of us who try to live a hetero existence to please others, only to acknowledge as adults the truth of who we are.

Truthfully, I’m glad that it turned out to be not the superhero herself, but someone she is very close to so that there is the struggle for the Woman of Steel who can figuratively move mountains, but there’s really nothing she can do to help her sister’s struggles. THAT, to me is more realistic than turning Supergirl into a lesbian.

Supergirl has gone even further to address issues facing LGBT people – this time in real life.

The show’s producers had promised last summer that a major character in the universe shared by Supergirl, Arrow and The Flash would come out, and speculation has run rampant ever since.

But in the real world, the hero took to Twitter to address a tweet from a follower who complained that she had to explain homosexuality to her kids.

Without pulling any punches, a Supergirl account responded: “Good, explain to them that love is love and it’s beautiful no matter where you find it and who you find it with.”

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