Man Tried to Cure Himself of Homosexuality

It’s heartbreaking to know that even adults feel the need to cure themselves of something that isn’t a disease. He’s proof that it’s not the Christian God who hates homosexuals, it’s his followers.

Humans of New York has profiled a man who was subjected to gay ‘cure’ therapy.

At present, it is legal in nearly all US states to attempt to ‘cure’ homosexuality, even though experts say the practice can be deeply harmful.

The state of New York moved to outlaw gay ‘cure’ practises for minors last year, but adults are still free to seek treatment.

Photojournalist blog Humans of New York, which is run by Brandon Stanton, posts daily pictures of everyday people around New York – and attracts a huge following across the internet.

A picture from the blog went viral this week, featuring a man opening up about his relationship with faith and sexuality.

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2 thoughts on “Man Tried to Cure Himself of Homosexuality”

  1. This is so sad. Heartbreakingly sad. Hopefully more and more Christians will become aware of how their judgement and condemnation of LGBTQs is wrong. Clearly Jesus’ only concern was love… and same sex relationships definitely have love.

    1. Thanks for commenting. I did note in his story that he never felt God wanted him to change, only his followers. I’ve seen a bumper sticker a handful of times that says “It’s not God I have a problem with; it’s his fans.”

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