Breast Cancer Screening

It is important for ALL women to be screened for breast cancer. It doesn’t matter who is in your bed at night or if you’ve transitioned, you need to get it done. Yes it is uncomfortable – no matter what size your breasts are, so don’t buy into the lies of it’s worse for a small breasted woman – but it could save your life. Cancer does not discriminate one bit.

A new campaign featuring images of older lesbian, bisexual, and transgender women will help increase cancer screening rates, BreastScreen Victoria hopes.

The portraits of the women, taken by photographer Lisa White, will be displayed during Melbourne’s Midsumma Festival in January. The exhibit, Beautiful LGBTI Women, aims to challenge norms of femininity and perfection.

The exhibit is also part of a long-term strategy at BreastScreen Victoria to earn Rainbow Tick certification, using the portraits in advertising material to encourage more women from the LGBTI community to get screened.

The women in the photographs are aged from 26 to 76, but most fall into the 50 to 74 age group. Women in the latter demographic are advised to get screened every two years. Screening is not effective for women under 40.

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