Texas has a Bathroom Bill

True Confession: after typing that headline, the next thing that came to mind was: ‘Texas has a whorehouse in it!’ (it’s from Best Little Whorehouse in Texas if you’re unfamiliar).

Anyway, this is a road we’ve been down before, though no one in Texas has acknowledged that the same bill in NC is on the way out. I suppose the Texas Right expects everyone to carry around their birth certificates to prove which bathroom we should be entering? Those Christians need to quit bothering any of us regarding our bodily functions.

Texas could soon follow in the footsteps of Indiana and North Carolina and pass its own “bathroom bill” in the upcoming legislative session. Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick has made passage of such a bill, which could require transgender Texans to use the restroom which corresponds to the gender on their birth certificate, a priority.

The proposal threatens to split the Texas Republican Party, which controls all three branches of government in Austin. Proponents include the lieutenant governor and the Senate he leads, while the Texas House of Representatives is more sympathetic to the state’s business community. The politically powerful chamber of commerce and the Texas Association of Business both strongly oppose any bathroom bill.

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