George Michael’s Partner Claiming Suicide

Let me begin by saying that for the most part, I don’t care to follow the lives of superstars. I don’t care who they are married to – with a very few exceptions – so I had no idea that George Michael was with anyone. Of course he’s been under the radar for many years, so there’s not much to know. While I understand his partner may be grieving, but don’t make it public. Respect the rest of his family’s desire to remain private. People like this Fadi Fawaz seem to only want to cash in on the fact that he was with a celebrity of George Michael’s caliber at the time of his death.

The family of George Michael have said they will not comment on speculation surrounding his death, after his partner claimed he had killed himself.

A statement emailed to BuzzFeed News said it would be “inappropriate” to comment on the circumstances around the singer’s death while the coroner’s investigation continues.

The statement said: “In the week since his tragic death there has been much comment and speculation concerning George and the circumstances surrounding his death. There will inevitably be more in the future. The family remain devastated by his passing and have no wish to comment in relation to any such speculation, whether current or in the future.”

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