Xtian Filmmakers File Suit Against MN Anti-Discrimination Law

No one has yet put this couple in the position of having to accept or reject the filming of any weddings, yet they feel the need to sue the state of Minnesota because they’re afraid they might be asked to film a gay wedding. Never mind that they don’t even advertise wedding filming of ANY kind on their website. Still, apparently the mere thought makes them quake in their Christian boots. I’m sure if they keep advertising their hate loud enough, though, smart LGBT folks will steer very widely around them. Maybe they’ll survive on that hate, maybe they won’t.

A heterosexual Christian couple is suing the state of Minnesota because they’re scared they will have to film a gay wedding… even though no one has asked them to.

Carl and Angel Larsen run St Cloud video production company Telescope Media Group, and claim that their production company carries out filming work to bring “glory to God”.

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4 thoughts on “Xtian Filmmakers File Suit Against MN Anti-Discrimination Law”

  1. I would think that sooner, rather than later, an LGBT couple will request them to film a gay marriage, and use their frenzied refusal as a basis to take them to court, where they will be given the choice to continue their hate in private, or ‘render unto Caesar’ in public. 😥

    1. Isn’t that getting a little old, though? If they don’t want to do it, why force them? Why not just show them for the haters they are and let the court of public opinion judge them? We all know that is a far worse judgement than a court of law.

      1. Their own Bible – Christ Himself – said, “Render unto Caesar, that which is Caesar’s.” If they wish to do business in Caesar’s court, they must do so according to Caesar’s rules. Don’t want to do business with gays?? No-one is forcing you to do so. Go out of business.
        Oh, you want to prove that you’re better than us, and have it both ways.
        When the ‘Good Christians’ stop trying to enact discriminatory laws, the rest of us can stop insisting that they obey the already-existing laws. 😳

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