Thug Out, Demo In for NC

FINALLY some good news!!! The hate-fueled governor Pat McCrory is O-U-T. No, not out of the closet, out of office. And now there’s a new governor in town, Roy Cooper, who is a Democrat. Hopefully the horrendous bathroom bill that has plagued the state will be eliminated. Of course the loser can’t seem to comprehend that the people of NC don’t want him anymore.

The North Carolina State Board of Elections on Monday night dismissed the bulk of Republican Gov. Pat McCrory’s ballot challenges in the disputed governor’s race. Their ruling, along with a vote difference of more than 9,000 votes for Democratic challenger Roy Cooper, means North Carolina’s race is essentially over and the state’s attorney general will succeed its controversial governor.

“After tonight’s State Board of Elections decision, it is clear that most aspects of the 2016 election are ready to be concluded,” said North Carolina GOP Executive Director Dallas Woodhouse in a statement Monday night. “We thank election officials across the state for their dedication to our system, and for their best efforts to ensure an accurate count of the votes.”

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