Now What?

“In spite of everything, I still believe that people are really good at heart.”
Anne Frank

I wish I could feel the same way Miss Frank did so long ago. Of course she had it worse because she was in the midst of a second World War. But as I wake up this morning, I don’t feel that people in this country are really good at heart. All I see, all I feel is hate. As far as I’m concerned, with this new chapter in our brief history, we should tear down the Statue of Liberty, as it means nothing to those who are in charge now – and I include not only politicians but the people who put them in office. We are no longer a welcoming safe-haven for those fleeing a terrible existence. We would rather build walls and isolate ourselves, kinda like a certain country in Asia.

I fear for my future with my girlfriend. I fear for my friend I mentioned in my post yesterday. I fear for anyone who is different. Women who fear that being grabbed in the genitals will be viewed as acceptable “because the president does it.” Disabled people (my brother is one) who can now be openly ridiculed. Is this what our Founding Fathers wanted? Maybe it is and I’m just on the wrong side of things.