Packages: It’s What’s Inside that Counts

When I was a teenager, I remember moving into the stage of life where Christmas and birthday presents were no longer a surprise. Shopping for what I wanted was something I participated in, then simply waited until the specified time to open the gifts. There were several occasions when I was very excited to finally receive the gift and didn’t care that my mother (or any other relatives) had taken time to wrap the item or even simply drop it into a gift bag covered in tissue. The contents was what was important to me, not what was on the outside.

It’s like that with friends, too. You connect to people not for their packaging, but what’s inside them. Their spiritual selves, their intellectual selves, their psychological selves, their soul; that’s what counts. What they look like on the outside isn’t what drives the friendship.

I made a friend several years ago on another blog I have. If anyone were to ask me today how we met, I wouldn’t be able to say. It’s just like our friendship just magically appeared. Then, our paths in live diverged and I realized how truly sad I was not to be able to talk to my friend. To be sure, ours isn’t a friendship where we’ve met for lunch or even chatted on the phone, but I missed the opportunity to communicate in any fashion. I knew there was depression involved in my friend’s life and I suspected the reason for it, but didn’t really feel right in pushing things. I never quit following my friend’s blog, so I was thrilled to bits to have the opportunity to reconnect quite recently.

Through an email I learned that my unspoken suspicions were correct and I am happy to welcome my dear friend into the wonderful, wacky, emotional, stressful, hilarious, human world of womanhood. It feels like I have a new friend and she’s the most amazing woman in the world, though I have to say that I think I am a little older than her and THAT’S no good. Lol Damn her!

I hope that I can learn from her as she continues on her journey of life. And I hope she knows I wouldn’t trade her friendship for anything.


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