Lesbian DT Supporters?

I cannot even type his name. When my bff and I talk about him, we call him Tiny Hands. Raise your hand if you support him.

WASHINGTON ― Attention lesbians: if you’re not sold on Donald Trump for president, you’ve got to check out his wife’s girl-on-girl photo shoot from 1996. Those pictures are so hot that once you see them, you’ll definitely want that going on in the White House.

That’s Rush Limbaugh’s theory, anyway.

But Rush got me thinking: are there lesbians out there who are voting for Trump? I don’t know of any in my lesbian circles in Washington, D.C. I didn’t come across any in July at the Republican National Convention, where I sought out LGBT attendees. I could only find one article that featured an interview with lesbian Trump supporters. There were two of them. Is that it? Two?

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