Traditional Indian Parents Went Against Their Beliefs for Love of Their Gay Son

It’s always lovely to read that a feared coming out is not as bad as expected. ❤

What would you do if you couldn’t be true to yourself or your loved ones?

Sadly, this is a privilege that so many people take for granted. Yet for millions of people across the planet, having to hide a piece of themselves for a myriad of reasons is an everyday reality.

Perhaps the most common example of this is homosexuality. Still stigmatized and criminalized across the planet, LGBT people are at risk every day of losing their lives whether from their own government and families or from strangers who disagree with their lifestyle, or at least what those strangers assume their lifestyle to be.

For countless individuals from traditional or religiously-devout families, coming out can be even harder, and as they grow older, they have to weigh the price of being true to themselves and finding happiness or staying closeted to appease their families, often withdrawing from those they think love them most.

For Rishi Agarwal, a gay man from a traditional Indian family, the decision to come out came with serious consequences, but when he told his parents, he was in for the surprise—and the love—of his life.

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