Seattle Mariners Don’t Like LGBT Affection

If apologizing to any complaint is a routine matter, perhaps they didn’t really mean to apologize to anyone else who has ever voiced a complaint. Seems to me like the Seattle Mariners aren’t a team worth following if they don’t really care about their fans and how they are mistreated at a game. Great job, Mariners!! Their dumbass employees need to learn what the difference is between a hug or a quick kiss and full on tonsil licking. I have had to witness the latter among hetero couples for my whole life.

An incident involving a lesbian couple at a Seattle Mariners game Friday night has the team both apologizing to and pointing fingers at the couple. The two women are left wondering why they were told that their basic displays of public affection were deemed inappropriate by the people who complained, including a Mariners staffer.

On Friday, Giuliana Garcia and Calista Nabors attended the Mariners’ home game against the Anaheim Angels. Garcia, a San Francisco Giants fan, was there to watch the Angels’ new pitcher, Tim Lincecum, a former Giant who lasted three innings that night against some hot Mariners bats.

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