KY Couple Gets Rude Eviction

It’s a shame people can’t be honest about their hatred up front. No one could possibly move out of a home within 24 hours. I hope others avoid renting from her so she ends up penniless.

A married Kentucky couple says their landlord, who is also a member of local government, both assaulted and evicted them from their apartment after she learned they were gay.

Joshua Melton and his husband, James Feltner, said they never had a problem with Manchester City Council Member Esther Thompson, who owns the town home they’d been living in for about nine months, until mid-June, WYMT reports. At that point, the men claim Thompson told them that she “should have never rented to the faggots,” and gave them just 24 hours to leave the apartment.

The news channel did not locate an official eviction notice. Instead, they found a complaint that Thompson filed in July, seeking $2,500 from Melton and Feltner, saying that the couple had “violated their lease in many ways,” including having six dogs.

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