Trans Woman Arrested for Taking Photos of Teen in Target Dressing Room

Forgive my cynicism, Lovelies, and I truly mean no disrespect AT ALL to the transgender community and more specifically to any transgenders who may follow this blog, but I can’t help wondering if the individual involved is a true transgender. My cynical mind believes that because it happened at Target, it merely involves a man trying to make a point and stating that he self-identifies as a woman simply because of Target’s new policies. After all, there have been other Conservative whackjobs who have attacked people shopping in Target stores on similar grounds. What do you think? Is this individual truly transgender or taking advantage? I would really like to hear your opinion.

A self-identifying transgender woman was arrested Monday after secretly taking photos of a teenage girl in a changing room in an Idaho Target, authorities said.

Shauna Patricia Smith, whose legal name is Sean Patrick Smith, was arrested Tuesday by the Bonneville County Sheriff’s Office and charged with one count of voyeurism, Sgt. Bryan Lovell told BuzzFeed News.

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