Britain’s Only LGBT Domestic Abuse Charity Collapsed

This is truly a sad state of affairs, but when people are involved, they are bound to do something illegal, immoral and just plain wrong. No matter how good their intentions may be or at least start out to be. I hope good can come out of this somehow and the LGBT community can find themselves with a help hotline of this nature again soon.

Britain’s only national charity for LGBT victims of domestic abuse collapsed amid allegations of serious financial mismanagement and a failure of oversight by both its trustees and its biggest backer, the Home Office, BuzzFeed News can reveal.

Broken Rainbow, which ran both a helpline and an advice service for LGBT people in abusive relationships, went into liquidation on 3 June, with the causes of the collapse unknown.

But BuzzFeed News has now seen a huge cache of internal files – including accounts, expenses claims, bank statements, and demands from unpaid creditors – that reveal crucial new information about the charity’s collapse.

The documents, which were disclosed by a whistleblower, detail spending on first-class travel, expensive offices, and luxury gifts, even as the charity’s CEO was being warned that it had only a few pounds in its account, or was even in the red.

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