Hate Feeling Helpless

Excuse me while I get a little personal for a minute or three.

My girlfriend is a runner. She’s passionate about running. She’s scheduled to run her second full marathon in October. But there’s a problem: her body seems to be against her. She’s had problems with one of her ankles and had a boot on it for many months between 2015-16. Finally she got that off and started physical therapy. Now as of last weekend, she’s got knee problems and thinks she may have a torn meniscus. She’s going to have an MRI done to confirm it.

Her physical therapist thinks the torn meniscus is from her bike crash a year ago this week and I’m betting all of her ankle problems have stemmed from a compensation for the knee injury. Several years ago my father had a torn meniscus which was surgically repaired and on the whole I know it’s not a big deal, but it is when that means many more months of not being able to train for a marathon. In all likelihood, she won’t be running the marathon and that’s money down the drain because they don’t give refunds. Even this far in advance. I think that’s bullshit, but I know my opinion matters little.

I just feel so fucking helpless. I hate that there’s absolutely nothing I can do. I hate that she is prevented from doing the one thing she loves most to do. It’s therapeutic for her and that’s taken away. She’s studying to be a personal trainer and she enjoys being active. I just wish I could make this go away. But I can’t and it pisses me off. I want her to be happy always because I love her.