What if the gunman was deep in the closet?

I’d really like to hear the opinions of any who follow this blog. What are your thoughts if it turns out the gunman was a closeted gay man? Does it change how we should approach this? Please share your thoughts.

More and more I’m thinking he was deep in the closet.

What happens when it’s revealed that the man who killed 49 queer people — most of them queer people of color — and wounded 53 others at a queer nightclub might have been a longtime patron of that club and that he was spotted on gay sex apps?

One of the most horrific and heartbreaking moments in modern American history threatens to become even more horrific and heartbreaking.

Suddenly, instead of simply (or not so simply) blaming the mass shooting on a dizzyingly noxious cocktail of hate, extremism, mental illness and offensively lax gun laws, we now must also grapple with the gruesome and all-too-familiar specter of internalized homophobia materializing to haunt this tragedy.

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