Upcoming Book

Yesterday I was asked to be a Beta reader for a friend’s historical fiction novel, with a M/M romance at the center of the story. I know my friend is straight and I’m assuming her writing partner is as well, so it will be interesting to see how straight women conjure up M/M romance. Once I have read it and they’ve published it, I already have permission to advertise it here, which I will do through a book review. I don’t generally read lgbt literature because that really doesn’t interest me. I mostly read historical fiction with some mysteries thrown into the mix. I’ve also found a dark fantasy series that’s just starting out, where one of the Main Characters (MC) is a lesbian, but that’s never the focus of the story. To me lgbt focuses too much on the sexual preferences of the character which doesn’t accurately reflect who we are. We are far more than who we sleep with at night. That being said, though, my first book is definitely lgbt centered, but the big series I will work on will not be so lgbt focused.