Fake News Websites Are Pumping Out More Anti-Trans Hoaxes Than Ever

It amazes me that real news sites ignore the fact that the fake news sites are making them look bad. So much misinformation abounds that people are losing trust in even the real news because people feel they don’t care any more than the fake sites do. It’s sickening. I think I’m going to add a new feature to the blog: a list of fake news sites. I started a list at work, so I’ll just go from there and add this latest to the bunch.

On Saturday, a report began spreading online that a transgender woman was shot and killed after she followed another woman into a Colorado department store bathroom.

“The transgender woman began raising her voice and using explicit language towards [the other woman] while continuing to follow her into the restroom,” the story said. It reported that Karen Workman allegedly fired three shots from a firearm she had in her bag, killing Donna Wright.

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