Personal rant

Pardon me while I get a little personal today. I’m just at the point now that I’m ready to give up on everything. There’s so much hatred in the world today and not all of it directed solely at the LGBT community.

My best friend’s daughter is in a relationship with a guy and they have two lovely little boys together. Not married, but as good as. They live in a small town that doesn’t have much to offer any more, but they get by. The son-in-law has a recording studio in their home with which he makes money. Or at least they used to, until some fuckwad broke into their home last night, SHOT the SiL and stole all the equipment. Fuckwad told SiL not to try stopping them, to which SiL told him to take whatever he wanted and Fuckwad still shot SiL. By the grace of all the gods in the universe, the shot was in the shoulder. WHY?

States like North Carolina, Tennessee and Alabama (not to mention countless others) doing all they can to show brotherly hatred toward people who may be different from their idea of perfection, rather than brotherly love. With representatives like these NOT VERY Christ-like Christians, why would anyone in their right mind want to follow a god who is clearly okay with how they treat other people?

All of this not to mention the extreme hatred of Muslims around the world that only seems to grow with each passing day. As if Catholicism or Protestantism or any other religion out there is superior to Muslims. We lump them all together and believe them all to be extremists, yet you wouldn’t ever hear of all Catholics being called pedophiles just because some priests were found guilty of doing so.

I’m ready to give up on this entire fucking planet. I’d leave if it weren’t for the few people I have anchoring me in place.


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  1. Horrible event! Tragic really! I hope they get caught as that is some scary darkness running around!

    But… don’t throw the baby out with the bath water! Yes there is most definitely evil in the world but there is also goodness, charity, compassion, and love! These things are worth being here for… oh, and those lucky few that anchor you here! ❤️

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