Transgender Professor: Boss Said My ‘Entire Life Is One Big Lie’ and Fired Me

This is just WRONG! This woman’s boss is bringing wayyyy too much of her personal opinion into the workplace.

A college professor says her boss accused her of living a lie when she came out as transgender.

Charin Davenport is suing Saginaw Valley State University in Michigan for sex discrimination after she said her supervisor laid her off from her administrative position two months after revealing she was transgender. Ann Coburn-Collins, the director of academic support programs, allegedly tore into Davenport after she asked about the termination.

“You’re a liar; you lied to me, to your family, to your friends; to this university, and to everyone you know,” Coburn-Collins allegedly told her. “Your entire life is just one big lie.

“You disgust me! I can’t even stand to look at you! This is not about your so-called ‘gender identity.’ This is about you being a liar.”

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