Sally Field on her gay son: I’m horrified other parents would disapprove

I didn’t know that Sally Field has a gay son. I’ll be honest, I don’t delve into the personal lives of stars because I generally don’t care. But this is nice to see.

Sally Field is an ardent advocate of LGBT rights, even winning the Human Rights Campaign’s 2012 Ally for Equality Award. Her youngest son, Sam, presented her with the honor.

During an EW Radio town hall on SiriusXM this week, PEOPLE and EW editorial director Jess Cagle asked Field for any advice she would give to parents who expected their child was about to come out to them.

“First of all, don’t be frightened. And don’t put your own prejudices or fears about sexuality — your own fears about sexuality – on your children,” Field says. “Sexuality is a human glorious part of existence.”

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