Missouri Republicans Pass Anti-Gay Bill After Breaking Democrats’ 39-Hour Filibuster

GO MISSOU! Seriously. Like, GO. We don’t want your hate-fueled rhetoric in this country. There’s enough.

Republicans in Missouri’s state senate have broken a 39-hour Democratic filibuster and voted to pass an anti-gay bill that would that would protect religious people and organizations opposed to same-sex marriage. The GOP state senate passed the bill with a 23-9 vote Wednesday morning.

This vote cut off the debate to pass it to the next stage and killed the filibuster, but the bill must go before the Missouri state senate one more time before going to state house. If passed by the legislature, it will go to ballot.

Democrats are in the legislative minority, but they had possessed the mic since Monday afternoon, trading off in three-hour shifts. With the sun rising again, the banter between two senators had taken on the texture of a morning talk show: eyedrops, watercolor painting, health care management, and, of course, the issue at hand.

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