This British Man’s Husband Died On Honeymoon But Australia Refuses To Recognise Their Marriage

This is truly heartbreaking. Mr Bulmer-Rizzi deserves to have his name on that death certificate as a legal husband even if the idiots in Australia don’t recognize same sex marriage. I mean they were on vacation, not planning to move there, ffs!! I’m so glad he gets along with his in-laws and they, too, pushed for those idiots to recognize Mr Bulmer-Rizzi as THE one to talk to, full stop. Now I know where NOT to visit with my Beloved. EVER.

Marco Bulmer-Rizzi’s voice is quiet and steady on the phone from Australia as he tries to stay composed – to explain what has happened, the magnitude of what he has lost, and the sense of injustice he feels.

Last Saturday, while on honeymoon in Adelaide, South Australia, his new husband, David Bulmer-Rizzi, 32, died suddenly after falling down a staircase and cracking his skull at the home of the friends they were visiting. Both were British citizens, but because same-sex marriage is not recognised in Australia, and in the state of South Australia even same-sex marriages from overseas are not legally recognised, Bulmer-Rizzi, 38, was told his husband’s death certificate would state two words under the deceased’s marital status: “never married”.

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