A Transgender Passenger Was Forced To Remove Prosthetic By Airport Security

I hope that insensitive lout gets fired! I don’t understand, though, why the complaint was directed to the airline. Are the airlines in Australia responsible for the security agents? They aren’t here. If any of my lovely followers are from down under, can you shed light on this?

In a submission to an Australian senate inquiry into airport and aviation security, the National LGBTI Health Alliance reported a “climate of pervasive discrimination” for LGBTI people.

The submission includes a lengthy complaint from an anonymous transgender person sent to one of Australia’s major domestic airlines about a incident early last year.

The person was passing through airport security and was selected to go through a body scanner, which picked up a prosthetic worn in their underwear.

“I explained to the officer at the scanner that I am trans and that I was wearing a prosthetic, to which he responded that he would need to get his supervisor,” the complaint reads.

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