Starbucks: The All Inclusive Company

I have to admit that most of the time I don’t care for Starbucks. I do not drink coffee and never will. It’s a vile liquid. However, I am thrilled to learn of their inclusivity (just made that word up, thank you Opera) to all who apply for work there. I feel that if I ever hit rock bottom again, I could use them as a way up and out.

Starbucks gave me a job the winter after I came out to my family. I had blown through my financial aid on renting my senior year apartment and I was worried how I would feed myself through the year. I entered into the corporation thinking that it would simply be a means to an end, but in reality I got much more than that. Prior to coming out, I was uncomfortable with my sexuality. I was afraid that people would treat me differently, and in a way I was right. People at Starbucks did treat me differently, but it was through this difference that I began to accept myself as a gay man.

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