London Spy [BBCA]

Maybe it’s evident here, maybe not, but I don’t feel that I am a typical Lesbian. I do not see the point of shows like The L Word or anything where a show or story is told just for the sake of having someone to identify with on tv. Shows like that focus too much on the fact that the characters are Lesbians or are gay or are anything else to the exclusion of the rest of their lives. This BBC 2 mini-series which is soon to air on BBC America is the kind of story that appeals to me: it’s about two guys who meet and fall in love and after only a few months one of them dies and the one left behind then discovers his lover worked for the Secret Intelligence Service of the British government. The guy who is left behind tries to find out the truth of his lover’s death, but is blocked by the government. That’s the kind of story that can happen to a couple gay or straight. I’m not defined by my sexuality, yet Hollywood and the general LGBT community make it sound as though I should be.