Homophobic father regrets attacking his black belt lesbian daughter

Clearly this woman should sit down and prioritize her life. We all have to make our own choices and I’m certainly not one to always say, “Just tell everyone who disagrees with you to fuck off,” as so many LGBT are, but it’s clearly gotten to a point where it isn’t safe for her to be there. I’m not just speaking of physically safe. LGBT people have to deal with so many problems on a psychological level that this woman is doing herself no favors staying put. He could also at any time decide to kick her out and stop paying for her education. At the very least she should have a back up plan in case the rug is yanked out from under her. Perhaps she shouldn’t have come out to her parents.

A woman has told how her father tried to physically assault her after they argued over her sexuality.

The 26-year-old medical student explained that her relationship with her religious parents deteriorated rapidly after she came out a few years ago.

Due to crippling university fees, she says she has been forced to rely on her conservative family to support her financially throughout her studies – even though they constantly criticise her for “choosing the gay lifestyle.”

The trainee doctor says they have never accepted their daughter for who she is and have regularly pressured her to marry a man “of the same faith.”

However, she says the tension proved too much for her father last week, after he “exploded” – hurling homophobic abuse at his daughter, before attempting to physically assault her.

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