Child Taken from Lesbian Couple and Put with Alleged Child Molester

This makes me sick. Physically and sick at heart. How can people prefer to put children with abusers than with a couple who will care for them and keep them safe from harm like this? Why does it matter if there are two women or two men who want to be parents? I will never EVER understand this.

Dr. Lisa Hines had just finished breaking down the baby’s nursery when she got a text message. It was a year after a Kansas court ordered an infant girl removed from her home with her wife, Tesa, and adopted by the Schumms — a husband and wife who already had 14 other children.

Hines read the message and immediately called Tesa, telling her to return to their Wichita home. When she pulled up, Hines ran out onto the porch. “The Schumms,” she said, “have been arrested.”

On Nov. 19, some 140 miles away from the Hineses’ home, Jonathan and Allison Schumm, a Topeka City Council member and his stay-at-home wife, were arrested on child abuse and torture charges. Their children, including Isabella, were taken into protective care.

The court decision placing Isabella in the Schumms’ home devastated the two social workers, plunging the women into a yearlong grief that nearly destroyed their marriage. The court decision also left the women feeling ostracized — they said they believe that the only reason Kansas officials gave Isabella to the Schumms is because they are lesbians.

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