Okay I know I’m posting this two days early, but I was moved to type this after reading something posted on Facebook by Lizzy the Lezzy. Thanksgiving isn’t about family, necessarily. True, most of us see it as one of the few times we get together with blood relatives, but the true meaning of Thanksgiving should be to remember what we have to be thankful for. We should remember that every day, as we should remember all things every day of the year, but since we’ve picked a particular day of the year to stand out among the rest, then we should celebrate it right.

I understand that there are hundreds of LGBT folk in this country who don’t have a family to go home to because that family has rejected them. But what is family, really? Isn’t it those who love and support you no matter what? The partner you go home to every night. The best friend who was the first person you came out to.

This isn’t familygiving. It certainly isn’t friendsgiving as I’ve seen is the latest silly trend. This is Thanksgiving. Give thanks for those you’ve surrounded yourself with. Don’t dwell on what you don’t have because there are plenty of kids and adults with no one at all – not even a support group of friends and partners.

Have a Happy Thanksgiving y’all and celebrate with who you wan, however you want.