Phobia = FEAR

Hello my Lovely Followers!

Pardon me while I rant a bit. It’s time we changed the English language. People do it all the time if a word gets used often enough and drawn into the daily lexicon. I say LGBT people need to rise up and destroy the word homophobia. I’m tired of it being used out of context. People try to laugh it off, but I, for one, am tired of laughing about it. Homophobia isn’t about FEAR. People who are homophobic aren’t afraid of us. They HATE us. It should be homo-hate. Or something. Bigotry is too general because that’s just intolerance toward someone with different views. So let’s hear your ideas and I will start using it here on this blog in lieu of homo”phobia” and maybe we can see changes happen.

I’m tired of taking twenty steps backward for every one we take forward. Call things what they are. Don’t laugh it off.


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