Foster-care agencies step up efforts on behalf of LGBT youth

This is GREAT to see. I know there are a lot of children in foster care and they all need help, but far too often LGBT youth are marginalized. I’m thrilled to see they are being focused on. Now if adoption rules and regs would just step up their game and allow more gay and lesbian couples to adopt, there would be fewer kids out there without a stable family.

NEW YORK (AP) — When she entered a foster-care group home in 2012, Delilah Ramos was, by her own description, a hard-drinking teen with a wild streak. And as a lesbian, she was unsure how her sexual orientation would be received.

Today, three years later at age 19, Ramos could leave Marian Hall, her group home in Manhattan. But she wants to stay two more years.

“I consider this building a safe place,” she said. “I’m really grateful, living here.”

Her positive experience reflects a profound transformation in how gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender youths across the United States are treated after they enter foster care.

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