Transgender Woman in India Attacked

I do not claim to understand anything about what transgender people feel inside that puts them on a path to change, but I accept that something is there. I would never in a million years think that violence against them just because I do not understand is okay on any level. I would say that this has got to stop, but realistically I know it never will. Not when people here in my own country still have issues with race and that was supposedly solved several decades ago.

Rudrani Chettri Chauhan is a transgender model and activist, currently residing in Delhi.

On October 22, Chauhan and her boyfriend were attacked by a group of men while they were out enjoying the festival of Dussehra.

“We were on a motorbike, when three other motorbikes started riding adjacent to us. One of the people tried to touch my neck, which was very scary as I was wearing jewelry. They were also passing lewd comments. My boyfriend and I stopped the bike because we feared there might be a road accident,” Chauchan told BuzzFeed India.
Chauhan said that as soon as she and her boyfriend got off their motorbike, the men started to beat them without a word.

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