Perfect Response to Calling a Boy’s Play Kitchen “Gay”

First of all, I applaud this man for making something with his hands for his son. His son may never remember this, or it may be the toy that stands out most in his memory.

Second, BRAVO for the reuse of furniture. In a world where everyone expects everything to be brand new, this man reused furniture and made it look AMAZING!

Third, when this boy becomes a world renowned chef because he was given a kitchen set up at age 2, he will laugh in the face of the (hopefully gay) children of the foul-mouthed haters. Even if he doesn’t become a chef, I’m sure he will have a solid foundation for being able to cook which is more than many have these days.

Andrew Hook posted photos on Reddit last week of a homemade play kitchen he built for his son Owen. Owen just turned 2 this month and the kitchen was his birthday present.

Obviously, Owen loved it. [Evidenced by the photos.]

The kitchen was built out of a $20 goodwill entertainment center.

Hook posted a whole step-by-step guide to building the kitchen on Imgur.

In now-deleted comments on the thread, however, users wrote things like “You are what is wrong with your country… I hope your kid gets beat up at school” and “Seems a little gay to me.”

Mr Hook’s photos and response can be found here.