The Dangers Of Being LGBT In ‘Tolerant’ Philippines

Keep our LGBT sisters and brothers in your thoughts and prayers. And if you can do something, by all means DO IT! The struggle for us all is world wide, though admittedly it’s worse in some places than others.

Last October, a transgender woman named Jennifer Laude was found dead inside a motel room in Olongapo City, Philippines. Motel staff found her naked body on the floor of the bathroom, her head leaning on the rim of the toilet bowl.

U.S. Marine Joseph Scott Pemberton admitted in August to strangling the woman. The 19-year-old said in court that he was “repulsed” and “feared he would be raped” after discovering that Laude was transgender. That fear, he said, prompted him to “subdue” her in self-defense.

He later allegedly told a fellow Marine: “I think I killed a he/she.”

LGBT activist Corky Hope Maranan told the Associated Press last year that the case was one of the worst hate crimes she has seen.“This is just so abominable,” she said.

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