Canada to LGBT Refugees: You’re Welcome Here, But First Prove You’re LGBT

Thanks for the idea, Canada, but…. wut? Seriously? Why not just force an LGBT person to kiss someone of the same sex in front of officials? Or perhaps public sex? You’re only adding insult to injury with this idea.

With one-third of countries around the world continuing to criminalize those who identify as LGBT, many refugees turn to nations like Canada where seeking asylum is granted to those facing persecution for their sexuality and gender identity in their home countries.

Though the law makes Canada seem like an LGBT-friendly nation, a recent report released by Envisioning Global LGBT Human Rights, a grassroots-sponsored research and documentary project, suggests the immigration process for LGBT asylum seekers is anything but welcoming.

In the 59-page report, Is Canada a Safe Haven for Refugees?, a team of researchers identified the numerous challenges that the claims process presents for LGBT people attempting to enter the country, including proving one’s sexual and gender identity.

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