When Bigots Freaked Out About Rainbow Doritos

These responses are too hilarious. Lol

Sometimes, anti-LGBT behavior is so bigoted that all you can do it make fun of it and turn it into spectacle to make people aware that it (still) exists.

Remember in August when Target announced that it would be taking a gender-neutral approach to signage in its stores and people, of course, freaked out? In response, Mike Melgaard made a fake — but convincing — Target help desk account on Facebook and brilliantly trolled the anti-LGBT users complaining about the gender-neutral move on the corporation’s Facebook page.

Well, Melgaard is once again up to his hilarious antics — this time in response to social media users freaking out on the Doritos Facebook page about the release of rainbow Doritos in partnership with Dan Savage’s It Gets Better Project.

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